A PLN 0 loan for 65 days in Quick Cash – up to PLN 6,000

Free loan with a 65-day repayment period? Such things are possible only in Quick Cash, which will give you a loan completely free, if you are a new customer and give it back on time.

Have you never borrowed Fast Cash before? Well now you have the opportunity to take advantage of the really great offer that the company has decided to send to all new customers. Quick Cash will lend you the first payment for 0 zlotys, for a period of 65 days.

Originally, the promotional offer of a payday was to be available in fast Cash only during the holiday season. However, the company decided to extend the promotion, thanks to which people who have never used the company’s services will still be able to use it. Unfortunately, we do not know how long this promotion will be available.

Free Loan up to PLN 6000 for 65 days

Free Loan up to PLN 6000 for 65 days

The offer of Quick Cash stands out quite significantly, compared to other short-term promos for PLN 0. Mainly because the company gives as much as 65 days to repay the entire loan. It is more than twice as long as the traditional 30-day payment. The company, however, emphasizes that not every customer will have the chance to get a loan with such a long repayment period. This depends on the evaluation that the system assigns to us during the data verification.

The long repayment period is not the only strong point of the Fast Cash offer. The company’s offer will also meet the expectations of those who are looking for a long moment. Thanks to Quick Cash, we can borrow up to PLN 6,000 at this first promotional time. And we will not incur any additional costs for handling the loan, if we return the loan in full, on the agreed date.

Who will get a loan in Quick Cash?

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Anyone with at least 18 years of age. To receive a loan, we will also need a personal ID, bank account and no arrears in repayment of other loans or credits. An important criterion when granting a loan is also having a stable income. The company does not require any additional documents, such as a certificate of income or employment.