Wedding Credit: Financing Your Marriage: Sponsorship

To prepare the best day of your life, you will have to calculate your budget intelligently. And you will realize that the bill can go up quickly. Dress, catering, ballroom, music will inflate the amount of your wedding quickly to reach on average 13 000 €. Wedding rings can also be a major source of […]

The financing guide for real estate purchase – bank loan

How to finance the purchase of your home? You want to buy a property but you do not know how to finance it? Very few people can directly afford their future home, especially when it is a first purchase. Given the amount of the good, it is normal to go through intermediaries. Here are the […]

A PLN 0 loan for 65 days in Quick Cash – up to PLN 6,000

Free loan with a 65-day repayment period? Such things are possible only in Quick Cash, which will give you a loan completely free, if you are a new customer and give it back on time. Have you never borrowed Fast Cash before? Well now you have the opportunity to take advantage of the really great […]

Quick Loan – Online Loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The fast online credits being in Financial Credit Institutions is a problem that many people have in need of an urgent loan but to be listed as Financial Credit Institutions, (sometimes for nonsense, like refusing to pay the internet bill to the operator on duty because half of the days this fall and the operator does […]

Loan Despite Unemployment and Private Credit Entry

Unemployed and apply for a loan? To put it briefly: A loan despite unemployment and private credit entry is not provided in the German banking system. Whoever is out of work, who has to show negative entries in the private credit directory, will not be able to get a loan either from the house bank […]

A loan up to 5000 PLN and PLN 100 as a gift – promotion

  Two novelties today came to me from the Zaloan camp – the first is bonuses in the amount of PLN 100 for new borrowers, the second is an increase in the loan limit and a longer repayment period. And the real rush of Christmas promotions began, which I particularly observe among non-bank lending companies. […]

First minute to PLN 1,600 loan

The last company presented this month is the new Crediterio brand, offering popular payday loans up to PLN 1,600 for new customers and up to PLN 2,500 for regular customers. Under the name Crediterio is another new brand that enters the domestic market of payday loans offering up to 1,600 zlotys as part of the […]

Consolidate your Debts with Yoabank

Yoabank is one of the online platforms that offers some of the most interesting financial products. And they are specialists in personal loans ; and one of the most interesting products they have for their clients is the consolidation of debts. Next, we will explain what this product consists of and so you can know if it is the right one for […]

Cheap Loan Comparison Without Private Credit

Negative entries in the data collection of the Protection Group for General Loan Protection (Private Credit) are basically co-criteria for lending at the bank. But there are also alternatives that work without Private Credit information and entry, are generally a bit more expensive and therefore should be compared exactly. Possibility to think carefully If there […]

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