Consolidate your Debts with Yoabank

Yoabank is one of the online platforms that offers some of the most interesting financial products. And they are specialists in personal loans ; and one of the most interesting products they have for their clients is the consolidation of debts. Next, we will explain what this product consists of and so you can know if it is the right one for you.

What is the consolidation of Yoabank’s debts?

What is the reunification of Yoabank

Currently there are many reasons why you can apply for a loan ; from a mortgage, to credit cards. That means that a person can have several credits to pay, with different amounts, different terms, and different interest rates.

What becomes a challenge for personal finances when trying to control all payments in an effective way. That is why there is the option to unify all your debts into one, which means that you only have to make a single payment throughout the month to meet your financial responsibilities. In addition to unifying everything with a single interest rate; and this will make the liquidation process much easier.

What are the conditions of the consolidation of debts with Yoabank?

What are the conditions of the reunification of debts with Yoabank?

This platform offers a line of credit of up to 60 thousand euros , meaning that this is the maximum capital to which the sum of your debts can be added to be unified.

And the maximum term to which you can liquidate this line of credit is 20 months, which makes this consolidation of debt offer you a very long term to be able to liquidate.

How to request the consolidation of debt in Yoabank?

How to request the reunification of debt in Yoabank?

The process that Yoabank offers to request the loan is quite simple, and consists of only 4 steps that must be followed to make the request, and then we explain them.

  1. The first thing you have to do is make an online application ; in which you will enter the conditions of the loan that you want to request.That is, the capital you want financial and the term you want to pay, once these data entered the platform will offer an interest rate according to your requested information.
  2. Once you have entered your information and you have been thrown the interest rate; You can modify your information until the solution is adapted to your needs as the budget.
  3. Once the application is complete, you can send the request with the requested documents attached.
  4. These documents will serve to verify your identity, as well as other issues such as your bank account.
  5. The last step is that once the platform has analyzed your request, you will receive the final contract, which you must accept so that the consolidation of debts begins to be processed.

How do I pay my debt with Yoabank?

How do I pay my debt with Yoabank?

To be able to make the payments of the reunified debt, you can choose to direct the payment to your personal bank account, or you can also make a monthly transfer, this will be much simpler because you will no longer have to make the individual payments of each of your debts .