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You will just see it, the weekend has just begun and suddenly you urgently need money for whatever reason. You want to go out and look in your wallet and only see the bottom, you are just pressing your debit card into the cash machine and you immediately see on the screen that your balance in whole euros is 0 euros rounded. There you are, with empty hands, just looking strange. But is there still a possibility to get some money in such a short time and then also in the weekend? read on to see what options are open to you for borrowing money quickly.

Online loans direct: click here for hard cash

Let us first of all say that Sunday is not a handy day to take out an online payday loan direct lender. You can forget this day, because on Sundays no office is open, not even the office of the loan provider. You can, of course, try this site and submit an application for online payday loan direct lender, but this will only be viewed on Monday after the weekend, but will be paid the same day, this can even be done within 10 minutes. The same story actually applies to Saturday, if you submit the application on that day, it will be viewed first on the next working day.

If you decide to request an amount between 50 and 1500 euros, you can do this without obligation. You will receive a quote and you can always decide not to do it. If you want to borrow money quickly at the weekend, you can do this without a credit check, there is no check at the BKR when applying, so you can borrow money without a credit check. Of course you have to calculate for yourself whether you can repay the loan within the agreed period, if you do not do this on time then you will not be able to go there next time. 

Request without obligation

Loan amount Duration Pay APRP * Interest
€ 100 30 days € 101.08 13.99% € 1.08
€ 200 30 days € 202.16 13.99% € 2.16
€ 300 30 days € 303.24 13.99% € 3.24
€ 400 30 days € 404.32 13.99% € 4.32
€ 1000 62 days € 1016.43 13.99% € 16.43
€ 1500 62 days € 1525.11 13.99% € 25.11

Popular amounts

There are a number of amounts that are by far popular to apply for as a small amount. For example, the amount of 500 euros is the most requested, but amounts of 200 euros and 400 euros are also regularly requested. They are often not the highest amounts, but the advantage of a somewhat smaller amount is that you have some money in your cut just as quickly and also repaying is not very problematic and you can just do this after the specified period of 15- 30 or 45 days.

Loan amount Maximum duration Deadlines maximum
€ 100 15/30 days 1
€ 200 15/30 days 1
€ 300 15/30 days 1
€ 400 30 days 1
€ 500 30/45 days 1
€ 600 45/62 days 2
€ 700 45 days 2
€ 800 45/62 days 2
€ 1000 62 days 2
€ 1100 62 days 2
€ 1200 62 days 2
€ 1300 62 days 2
€ 1400 62 days 2
€ 1500 62 days 2